epdm rubber roofing


Modern Roofing have experience in rubber roofing (mostly in repairing of these epdm roofs) but, would not recommend a roofing system with so many inherent problems as the best solution for your flat roof. There has been many documented rubber roofing problems with shrinkage, leaking flashings, failing seams and adhesives. This is compounded by the fact that most if not all warranties do not cover flashings, seams, ponding water or even workmanship. Modern Roofing believe the combination of glued seams and shrinking membrane has resulted in the many seam failures at around 5 to 7 years.

Rubber epdm roofing also has very serious issues with unprofessional contractors claiming to be rubber roofing experts. Most rubber roofs are installed and repaired by roofers that have no special knowledge or training. They take on epdm roofing jobs because they are seemingly easy to install, inexpensive, require no special expensive equipment and rubber roofing membranes will be sold to anyone with no license or approval required.

For the above reasons rubber/epdm roofs are very rarely installed on any commercial roof in the uk

Modern Roofing would recommend PVC Single-ply membrane as the best product for flat roofing projects in the UK. With Modern Roofing operating in both the domestic and commercial markets we purchase a huge quantity of PVC membrane annually, therefore can negotiate a large discount that allow us to give cheaper commercial rates to our domestic customers. Our commercial discount allows us to offer a premium product at rates that can compete with the rubber roofing companies. Sika PVC membrane utilised by Modern Roofing is manufactured with glass fibre or polyester scrim which adds support to prevent stretching and laps are hot air welded by an automatic robotic welder, yielding one continuous membrane. PVC membranes are only sold to licensed and approved contractors whom have went through a rigorous training and evaluation program, in addition every contractor is evaluated annually on a variety of criteria. PVC membranes have a BBA durability rating in excess of 35 years and have ponding water, flashing, seams all covered by the guarantee. Sika PVC membranes have been specified for many high profile projects including Arsenal FC's Emirates Stadium, Nasa's ames research centre, George W Bush presidential centre Texas, Premier Travel inn Pacific Quay Glasgow, Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Bristol airports and many other projects worldwide.

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